Civil law

Family law, inheritance law, civil and commercial leases, co-ownership law, real estate law, contract law, matrimonial property regimes, liability law (notary, lawyer, architect, contractor, etc.), law of obligations, construction law

Criminal law

Mr. Moszynski acts before the competent courts (police court, correctional court, criminal court) regardless of the client’s position (detained, indicted person, accused, civil party). The firm also offers expertise in financial criminal law (money laundering, forgery, fraud)

Company law

He assists company managers in various aspects of their activities (drafting contracts, handling commercial relationship disputes, etc.). Mr. Moszynski assists you in insurance law, commercial contracts, company law, disputes between partners, banking and financial law, financial disputes, bankruptcy, judicial reorganisation plan, liability (of the founder, manager and/or administrator), market practices (consumers)

Judicial law

Seizures of movable and immovable property, civil and commercial mediation, national and international arbitration