Une expertise pour chaque domaine

He assists company managers in various aspects of their activities (drafting contracts, handling commercial relationship disputes, etc.). Mr. Moszynski assists you in insurance law, commercial contracts, company law, disputes between partners, banking and financial law, financial disputes, bankruptcy, judicial reorganisation plan, liability (of the founder, manager and/or administrator), market practices (consumers)

The life of your company, from its creation to the management of its activities and the resolution of its problems, is governed by complex rules: company law. This is particularly important for contract design, commercial dispute resolution and receivables management. Mr. Moszynski’s firm offers you professional assistance in all these areas. He advises and accompanies you in:

  • The drafting, revision and analysis of your contracts
  • The resolution of a commercial dispute, whether it affects the company’s operations (shareholders or management personnel), or its relations with third parties (customers, suppliers, partners or competitors)
  • Debt collection procedures

Commercial relationship disputes

As a company, the diversity of your business relationships with your various speakers can lead to conflicts. It may be a dispute with your customers, a dispute between partners and suppliers or a dispute between professionals. Some conflicts can even lead to the termination of business relationships and negatively affect your business. Mr. Moszynski is qualified to help you prevent this type of problem. He can also assist you in restoring the relationship with your interlocutor, through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. If they cannot reach an agreement, they can defend your interests before the competent judicial authorities.

Debt collection

If you are facing difficulties with defaulting clients, the assistance of a lawyer in contract law is recommended. In particular, he can find solutions to facilitate the collection of debts from your customers, either amicably or through legal proceedings.