Une expertise pour chaque domaine

Mr. Moszynski acts before the competent courts (police court, correctional court, criminal court) regardless of the client’s position (detained, indicted person, accused, civil party). The firm also offers expertise in financial criminal law (money laundering, forgery, fraud)

The criminal defence of the accused

Any crime, misdemeanour and criminal offence may be punished by a penalty, ranging from 8 days’ imprisonment to life imprisonment. Mr. Moszynski defends the accused in order to avoid, incarceration as far as possible. In the event that you are already detained, he will do everything possible to remedy the situation (adjustment of sentences, suspension of sentences, electronic bracelet, etc.). The lawyer accompanies the criminal offender through all stages of the proceedings: the investigation phase, the hearing and judgment, the enforcement of the sentence and the appeal. It intervenes in the case of major crimes and misdemeanours:

  • Endangerment of the person (risks caused to others, failure to assist a person in danger, provocation to suicide, etc.)
  • Assault on the person’s life (murder, assassination, poisoning)
  • Attack on the integrity of the person (willful violence, unintentional violence, torture and barbaric acts, threats, etc.)
  • Sexual abuse (sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, sexual exhibition, etc.)
  • Drug trafficking

Support for the victim

Mr. Moszynski defends the victim of a criminal offence (assault, theft, accident, etc.). He accompanies his client through each step of the procedure, i.e. filing a complaint, filing a civil action, claiming compensation from the victim, etc.

Business and financial criminal law

Mr. Moszynski practises in the areas of business and financial criminal law. In this way, he assists and defends companies and their managers whose criminal liability is in question. If you have been the victim of an offence under financial criminal law, he or she can advise you and defend you in order to obtain any damages.

Property offences

Are you a victim of theft, fraud, breach of trust or are you the author of such acts? Whether you are a civil party or a defendant, Mr. Moszynski will be able to defend you and assert your rights in criminal proceedings.

Breaches of the duty of probity

Mr. Moszynski acts as counsel and defender for all criminal business law offences, in particular breaches of the duty of probity (corruption, influence peddling, illegal taking of interests). He defends the rights of his clients when they are victims and defends them when they are prosecuted before the criminal courts.

Truth violations

They include offences such as concealment, money laundering, extortion, forgery and the use of forgeries… Mr. Moszynski can defend you both if you are a victim of the facts and if you are suspected of an offence under the law.