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Seizures of movable and immovable property, civil and commercial mediation, national and international arbitration

Debt collection is a delicate matter that requires the skills of a competent lawyer and real mediation skills. Mr. Moszynski provides you with his assistance and accompanies you in terms of:

  • Enforcement procedure
  • Recovery of receivables
  • Formal notice
  • Clearance plan

Debt collection procedure

Hiring a lawyer can be a valuable help when dealing with unpaid debts in order to implement the debt collection procedure. Mr. Moszynski can also take charge of negotiating a settlement plan, in the event that the debtor has difficulties in meeting his payment obligation. This will involve setting up a schedule of payments spaced over time, at the end of which the debt will be repaid in full. In the event that two parties are unable to reach an agreement during this mediation phase or that one of the parties has not respected its commitments, Mr. Moszynski may then take the case to the Tribunal.
If, on the other hand, you are the subject of a debt collection procedure, Mr. Moszynski can assist and advise you, in order to obtain additional time, for example. He can also represent you before the competent courts in the event that you wish to contest your debt.

Debt recovery

When a judgment has been rendered in your favour, it must be served by a bailiff. This judgment is accompanied by a summons to pay. A notice of execution may also be issued to the debtor in order to seize his property. This can be a real estate seizure, a movable seizure or a financial seizure. In all cases, it is essential to monitor the proper execution of the decision. Mr. Moszynski is in charge of checking the accounts to ensure that the amounts paid are accurate and that payment deadlines are respected. He can also assist you in the event that you wish to defend yourself in such proceedings.