The office

Mr. Moszynski is characterised by its personal commitment, long experience, combativeness and deep knowledge of the various legal fields. Mr. Moszynski practices civil law, criminal law and corporate law.

The office accompanies you to the different stages:

  • Strategic consultations and advice
  • Drafting of agreements
  • Dispute resolution


The office always vigorously defends the interests of the client in order to achieve the agreed goal.

Long professional experience

Lawyer since 1984 at the Dutch-speaking then French-speaking bar, having served as deputy judge at the Brussels Enterprise Court from 1994 to 2007.

Privileged relation

Your files entrusted to the firm are handled by Me Moszynski personally and the client is continuously informed of the follow-up of the file.

Continuing education

Law is a constantly evolving subject. The office keeps abreast of legislative, jurisprudential and doctrinal developments in the matters practiced.

Asking for an experienced lawyer is the best way to get expert advice and specialized legal support

Our expertise

Civil law

Family law, inheritance law, civil and commercial leases, co-ownership law, real estate law, contract law, matrimonial property regimes, liability law (notary, lawyer, architect, contractor, etc.), law of obligations, construction law

Criminal law

The office acts before the competent courts (police court, correctional court, criminal court) regardless of the client’s position (detained, indicted person, accused, civil party).

The office also offers expertise in financial criminal law (money laundering, forgery, fraud)

Corporate law

The office assists company managers in various aspects of their activities (drafting contracts, handling commercial relationship disputes, etc.).

The office assists you in insurance law, commercial contracts, company law, disputes between partners, banking and financial law, financial disputes, bankruptcy, judicial reorganisation plan, liability (of the founder, manager and/or administrator), market practices (consumers)

Judicial law

Seizures of movable and immovable property, civil and commercial mediation, national and international arbitration

Me Moszynski has been a lawyer since 1984 until 2004 at the Dutch-speaking bar of Brussels and since 2004 until today a lawyer at the Brussels Bar