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Family Law, Divorce, Matrimonial Regimes, Succession Law

People have personal relationships and / or live together, according to different legal regimes, which gives each person different rights and obligations. Family litigation is too often very painful and the role of the lawyer is to do his best to provide adequate solutions both legally and emotionally. The law firm of Me Moszynski attaches great importance to the interests of children.

Contract law and obligation law

Even before an agreement is signed between two persons, rights and obligations may apply between them. The contract, whether commercial or civil, involves your responsibility as well as that of your co-signers. 
The consequences of a breach of these obligations, whether accidental or by disagreement, can be serious. That is why it is important to have a contract law professional draft or modify it, who can ensure that the clauses in it protect your interests. Mr. Moszynski can also advise you on the measures to be taken during the pre-contractual phase as well as during the drafting of a commercial contract, whether it is a distribution, franchise or agency contract, etc. He pays particular attention to the general conditions of the document, to prevent any dispute that may arise from it. 
Mr. Moszynski is at your disposal to advise and represent you in any matter involving your contractual liability. He helps you to find an amicable solution concerning a dispute, by resolving the contract or terminating it. He can also help you to obtain its forced execution.

Construction law

Construction lawgoverns all interactions between the contracting authority and its service providers during the construction of a building. The latter also oversees all aspects of the project, from the contract to the work itself, up to the payment of what is due. 
A lawyer in real estate law, Mr. Moszynski offers his assistance to both individuals and professionals in the construction industry (contractors, architects). He offers you his expertise in the following areas:
* Follow-up of judicial expertise
* Liability actions
* Construction disputes
* Lack of conformity

Residential and commercial lease litigation

The office assists you in the handling of your lease disputes, whatever the circumstances. Disputes may, for example, arise when the lease is terminated by either party. They may also concern rental charges or repairs, considered abusive by the tenant, as well as termination clauses. He takes charge of the negotiations in order to reach a compromise or, if not, brings the matter before the competent authorities. He or she can help you claim the security deposit back, demand payment of unpaid rents or initiate an eviction procedure.

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