A fair price

The firm's fees correspond to the services provided and the results obtained.

The fees are set by mutual agreement between lawyer and client at the first meeting.

Different criteria are taken into consideration such as the financial situation of the client, the experience of the lawyer, the results obtained, etc.

Lawyer's remuneration

The lawyer is subject to different rules established by his professional order, and judicial code with regard to his fees. The lawyer has in particular the obligation to inform his client on the method of calculation of the fees and this, at the time of the opening of the file.

The lawyer and his client can agree together on an hourly or flat-rate remuneration method. The fee can also be adapted according to the result obtained.

A distinction must be made between the fees, which remunerate the work carried out by the lawyer, and the administrative or legal costs and disbursements, corresponding to secretarial costs, bailiff, court fees, etc. In addition, the lawyer has the obligation to keep his client informed on the evaluation of the calculation of the fees according to the progress of the file.

Calculation of fees

  • At the time worked: the amount of the fees will depend on the time devoted by the lawyer to the treatment of the file. The number of hours recorded will then be multiplied by an hourly rate established in advance.
  • Package: the fees are fixed on a flat-rate basis or by subscription, depending on the nature and frequency of the services to be performed.
  • To the result: the result fee is defined according to the result obtained. It cannot constitute the only mode of remuneration, but is presented as a complement to the fee for the time worked or the fixed fee.